July 2016 Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter is fresh off the presses.  Below is a link to access a pdf version. July-2016-Newsletter

Brexit’s Meaning for Investors

The sky is not falling! Markets often look for opportunities to panic, and Brexit sure looks like that. Half of the last two days losses were actually gains made in the weeks up till the vote. We have only truly erased five months of gains, and I suspect we will see a recovery soon. The […]

Here We Go Again

Who said “beware the Ides of March…?” What did he know? March may not have turned out well for Caesar, but Shakespeare’s soothsayer was not a financial markets prognosticator. March delivered one of the strongest monthly performances by stocks ever, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 7.22%. By the end of the quarter, our […]

Virtual Portfolios Come of Age

I remember a wishful conversation with a partner in a previous firm almost twenty years ago.  He wished for the day when the location of a client’s assets would not matter to us.  The assets could be at Schwab, Fidelity, any other custodian, or even at a bank, trust company, or insurance company.  We would […]

Overfunding a 529 Plan –How Big a Risk?

At Armor, we often work with parents and grandparents to identify the best way to save for college expenses.  Saving using a 529 Plan is the most tax efficient way to save.  The assets grow tax free and can be withdrawn tax free for qualified educational expenses. There are some drawbacks to 529 plans however.  […]

“Be Prepared”

As we work with increasing numbers of older clients, it becomes clear to us how important it is to them to “Be Prepared.”  I recently met with one long-time client whom I admire very much.  He was younger than I am now when I started working with him twenty years ago, but in our recent […]

Midwinter Blues

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos, and especially Peyton Manning. With the expectation that this may be his final season, it is always special to see one of the great ones go out a high note. And if you are a disappointed Panthers fan (as am I), I suspect Cam Newton and the team will be […]

New Client Initiatives For Millennials and Others

As we charge into 2016, I want to take a moment to reflect on changes at Armor Investment Advisors and in the financial environment in 2015 and to provide you an update on initiatives to look for 2016. At Armor, our personnel were unchanged, although Matt Miller has taken on a greater role in financial […]

IRA Charitable Rollovers

The first principle of efficient charitable giving always has been to give an asset that has a low cost basis.  Examples include highly appreciated real estate, stocks, and other securities.  The reason, of course, is that the sale of these assets would be taxed on the difference between the net amount realized and their cost […]