Armor Technology 2.0

When Walt, Jeff, and I joined together in 2007, I was the designated technology expert and we introduced state of the art systems that served us well for many years. But time moves on and technology evolves.

Over the last twelve months, under the guidance of our Director of Operations, Graham Shepherd, we have made significant enhancements to internal systems increasing our trading and reporting efficiencies and allowing for better screen sharing and remote meetings with clients.

In the fourth quarter, our clients will be rewarded with a new, integrated portal allowing access to file sharing, financial planning, and up to date reports using a single sign-on. The new site also enables paperless quarterly reporting.

The reports on the portal include:

  • Asset Allocation — See a high-level breakdown of how investments are distributed across investment categories
  • Holdings — Review a list of investments along with their current value and yield
  • Capital Flows — Visualize the relationship between deposits to and withdrawals from investment accounts and the value of accounts over time
  • Transactions — Review the year-to-date activity within investment accounts.

We will begin rolling out access to the new portal to our clients over the next several weeks and it will be accessed from We expect many clients will be excited to go paperless.

In 2020, we will be releasing a mobile phone app to help make accessing up-to-date account information even easier. We will also continue integrating electronic signature capabilities as they become available from our partners at Schwab and Fidelity.

We are believers in technology, not for the sake of technology, but for how technology helps us better serve our clients. We have listened to our clients and are very excited about these enhancements.

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