We Can't Stop the Clock

I will be retiring from Armor on December 31, 2019. I look forward to spending more time with my family, travelling, and engaging in personal interests such as boating, golfing, writing, and political involvement. I also intend to continue to practice law in Wilmington. Although I will not be providing client services after the end of the year, I will continue to serve as consultant to Armor in 2020, particularly on estate planning, insurance, and management issues. Armor is blessed to have other advisors who are more talented than I am and who are much more knowledgeable about the use of the new technologies that are ever more important to financial planning and investment advice.

From its creation in 2005, Armor was intended to become larger, more diverse, and more talented than any one person. Since that time, we have provided many of our clients with advice about their transitions to retirement, and we have shared the experiences of these transitions with them. In the case of business owners, the transitions have included succession of ownership as well as leadership. We’ve learned that successful transitions of ownership and leadership require years rather than months or weeks.

Since 2007, the year when John and Jeff became partners in Armor, our governing documents and ongoing management decisions have been designed to enable us to be prepared for and to grow through transitions such as my retirement. Our goal has been to build a firm that serves multiple generations of our client families. Achieving this goal requires the firm itself to successfully transition from generation to generation. My retirement might be the first transition of its kind for the firm; but in future years and decades, I hope there will be many others while the firm continues to grow and to serve its clients in ever better ways.

Letting go is never easy, whether in a business or a family. Gardeners and farmers understand that without autumn, there can be no spring. I will miss my clients and my cohorts at Armor. As my dad was fond of telling me, though, “We can’t stop the clock.”

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