A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish

This quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of ‘The Little Prince’, is my new favorite.  It is the featured quote for the month of March on a Camp Seafarer calendar which I saw while putting my daughter to bed.  She loves going to camp and I love that her counselors are helping her think […]


Contemporary portfolio strategists find themselves continually pondering today’s investment climate, in which a peculiar set of circumstances reflects a world which is not supposed to exist. Like Alice in Wonderland, we are down The Rabbit Hole. When I studied economics in the last century (a scary thought), professors described several highly unlikely phenomena: Negative interest […]

Question of the Day

As we write this, markets are breaking through all-time highs. Bullishness is rampant throughout the land. It is at times like this the media picks up on Gloom and Doom opinion pieces to grab eyeballs. Today’s version is the headline “Why the ‘Smart Money’ Is Bailing Out of the Bull Market”. Our response as to […]


Few people are aware of the extreme financial difficulties that can occur when an aging person’s power of attorney or living trust is not honored by a financial institution.  More and more people are learning about this, though, and the learning often takes place in the school of hard knocks.  I should not complain.  Quite […]

Sellers vs. Buyers

If you watched the College Football Playoffs, you undoubtedly saw a commercial from a certain insurance company.  It must have aired fifteen times.  Typically I ignore the ads, but one phrase kept grabbing my attention and drawing my ire.  The ad was referring to the company’s salespeople and saying “we call them advisers”. It reminded […]


Oil is a vital sign which mirrors the relative health of the global economy. The price of oil has fallen by roughly half in the last year and as of this writing continues to decline. At the same time, the US is literally floating in a sea of crude, as little onshore storage remains. It’s […]