When a Plan Comes Together

If you’ve met with our team recently, you’re probably familiar with our “Risk Analysis Grid” that is used to guide financial planning meetings.

One area of the grid that I’ve spent a lot of time in lately is “Retirement & Financial Independence Cash Flow Planning”. Financial Independence sounds wonderful, but when the rubber meets the road it becomes a daunting concept. The “what?”, “where?”, “how?” and – most often – “when?” questions are enough to keep even the most confident investor up at night!

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Whether you’re just starting out with retirement savings, or getting ready to live off of those assets for the rest of your life (a phase we call “Paycheck Replacement”), your Armor crew is here to help put your mind at ease. As your financial stress managers, we want to make sure we’re adding value where you may need it most. Some of the important areas (and anxieties) we help with are:

  • Budgeting and Prioritization: Will a daily latte ruin my chances of a comfortable retirement? Should I prioritize retirement over college savings? How much is enough?
  • Retirement Accounts: Does my workplace retirement plan affect my ability to contribute to an IRA, and how do I know which investment options are right for my situation? Am I doing everything I can to defer taxes?
  • Thinking Horizontally: Now that we’ve accumulated this much, how do we turn our savings into a lifetime of income? What will taxes look like in retirement? What does our plan look like if the market goes down next year?
  • Legacy Planning: What tools are available to help us plan for children or grandchildren? How do we invest for an unknown future?

If you haven’t looked at your plan lately, or if there are any specific issues you’d like to review with us, please let me know. Something as easy as letting Armor evaluate your workplace benefits can help uncover opportunities or reduce stress. It’s easy to put off planning until “someday”, but the earlier we begin the planning process, the less stress and more freedom you can enjoy later!

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