Financial Wellness in the New Year (or, how to control what you can while COVID-ing)

I’ve never been one to make or stick with resolutions – I’m still hoping to be an astronaut when I grow up – but I don’t think I’m alone. According to a recent Forbes article, about 80% of resolutions fail (most by the end of February), and in some cases make their owners end up feeling worse off than they did before resolving!

In fairness to resolutions and treadmills-that-become-clothes-hangers everywhere, however, the intentions behind them are pure. So perhaps instead of aiming too high or too far all at once, execution is about breaking goals down into baby steps, and executing on only one or two things at a time. While Armor isn’t necessarily the most qualified organization to help you exercise more (though the stairs to our office are a doozy!) or eat less (Chick-fil-A is only 2,600 downhill feet away), we are here to help coordinate an executable vision towards financial wellness in 2021 and beyond.

Approaching retirement and wondering about replacing your paycheck? Whether you’re 5 months or 5 years from walking away, we enjoy collecting data and turning it into a picture of your retirement readiness. From there, we can discuss next steps to fill in gaps in your plan or address any “what if?” scenarios that are keeping you up at night. Because a successful retirement plan doesn’t happen overnight, we are here to help you take it one step at a time.

Perhaps you are a younger earner who is finding that you have a little extra cash each month? We will start with exploring what you’d like to accomplish – our “Risk Analysis Grid” is a great place to begin – and break down goals like “pay off debt” or “save for the future” into measurable feats and practical steps that align with your values and the practicalities of where you find yourself.

Whether the next phase of your life will revolve around charitable intentions or focus on security for a future generation, our team’s experience and access to experts in these areas – as well as ability to help you invest for the long term – can help make these dreams an achievable reality.


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