Our goal is to provide guidance as trusted stewards to individuals and families for multiple generations. Armor Investment Advisors, LLC is a boutique firm and we sell no products. This allows us to focus on building long term relationships instead of building next quarter’s sales pipeline.

Our clients are astute enough to understand that wealth does not solve all of their problems.

Wealth, in fact, creates its own complex problems and challenges. Our clients recognize the value of working with a trusted fiduciary who coordinates investments, financial planning, charitable planning, and legacy planning.

At Armor, we have much experience and a special interest in helping clients who are facing change which has left them feeling out of control of their financial situation. The Financial Life Planning process helps clients regain and maintain control of their financial situation.

Often our clients associate with one of these situations.


Retirement is scary; both planning for it and entering it. We understand the transitions that retiring entails, both the technical issues such as deferred comp stock option decisions and Social Security claiming strategies, and the anxieties that are experienced throughout the process. After helping with the transition into retirement, we continue to walk with clients as they plan for and face the new and sometimes frightening challenges of incapacity and legacy.

Business Owners

Owning a business involves complex and unique financial needs and leaves very little time to address those needs. A trusted guide is needed to help coordinate many moving and interrelated parts, often including other professionals.

These needs can include structuring investments to coordinate with the business holdings and liquidity needs, creating financial projections that model different exit scenarios, helping to plan and implement next generation and legacy wishes, or serving as a resource or co-fiduciary for a retirement plan.

Successful business owners understand that delegation is critical to their success and that delegation only works with a trusted fiduciary who is acting as a buyer, not to a salesperson.

New Wealth

Wealth solves many problems, but it creates a whole new set of problems for which clients are often unprepared. Wealth may come from inheritance, divorce, sale of a business, or the lottery. While the source of the wealth may differ, the loss of control that comes with the change in circumstance is the same. A trusted guide and a proven framework are required to regain control.


High Earner Not Rich Yet – HENRYs become clients when they realize that they simply don’t have the time (or, in some cases, the interest) to give to their personal finances. They need to delegate these to a team they can trust to put their interests first. Planning needs of HENRYs include balancing college and retirement planning and helping to identify a safe ‘exit point’ from the corporate world.